I would like to hail & thank the following person's:

* Ofcourse...Christopher, Paul and Skull from Krabathor
* Andy from Impact Records...thanx for everything bro!

A very Intense Thanx and Embrace to Maria "Laila" Stern, for your love, understanding, comfort, warmth and for taking me as I am! You are a most precious gift, my love!!! Jag Älskar Dig Väldigt Mycket!!!

A big hail to the following bands and persons:

Peter, Doc, Mauser and Shambo from Vader, Pete and Erik from Morbid Angel, Jared & Hate Eternal, Chief Spires, Christopher & Krabathor, Alex von Posschingen (You rule Bro!) & Shrunken Heads, Irene Jansen (Our link is as strong as ever!), Paul & Cremation, Stefan, Paul & Thanatos, Tony & Vital Remains, Sinister, Susan (for your love, our history, It's good like this!), Sharine, Richard "Wolfman" Laumen (Thanx for being a great friend!), Patrick "Snipah" Koeman (A most welcome friend in a world of
plastic faced lyers!), Frank & Ingrid, Andy @ Impact Records, Stuart Ness @ Lunasound Recordings, Dan @ Earache Records, Metal Blade Records (for the links), and all I forgot so far...you know who you are!