Update of November 18th 2004:

Discography updated, lyrics and several photos of Paul Speckmann have been added.

Update of October 14th 2004:

Legendary band Krabathor celebrates 20 years of its existence this year. So the label Lava Productions will produce 2CD pack that will include all 5 demo CDs recorded in the past eighties and early nineties. Krabathor has a pause now and the leader of the band - Christopher - lives in the USA and Uherske Hradiste alternately.

Update of September 14th 2004:

New photos in "visuals" section and new mp3s in "sounds" section have been added.

Update of September 10th 2004:

This Krabathor website has a new webmaster. My name is Miroslav Koren alias RooT and I'm from the Czech Republic. There will be a several changes or improvements so the biography, discography, downloads, visuals, sounds and links sections will be upgraded. I will also make the Czech version of this site. Feel free to e-mail me.

Update of August 28th 2004:

This Krabathor website will be shut down within 2 weeks from today. If there is anyone who would like to be the webmaster and continue this site then send me an e-mail to this address: thedarkarts@inter.nl.net.
I will hook you up with the band so you can plan the future of this site together. Ofcourse I will also release the krabathor.tk domain (if you want it) so you can link it with your own webspace. Ofcourse the site sources will be put in your hands. So Krabathor fans, keep this site up and become a webmaster!!!

Update of July 1st 2004:

As from today I have decided to stop creating and maintaining this Krabathor website. Reason is that I do not get enough input to update it regular. Therefor the sattisfaction of maintaining this site is gone. I want to thank Krabathor and Christopher in general for his time and dedication to his band. If there is anyone who would like to take over this site then please let Krabathor know at krabathormetal@hotmail.com. Work it out with them and I will know after that so I can release the .tk domain so you can register it again and host the site at your own provider. Cheerz for all the good reactions and stay metal!!

Update of March 1st 2004:

Krabathor will have a part of the song "Eternal" taken from their first CD "Only Our Death Is Welcome", released in 1992, in a movie. Producer Marek Najbrt has taken the song and used it for his new movie called "Mistri"{Czech republic}. The movie will be out on April 1st 2004 .You can check it out on: www.mistri-film.cz.

Update of December 15th. 2003:

In oposite of the earlier news not only drummers from the USA can get in touch with Christopher for the vacant drummer position in the band. Everybody feel free to mail Christopher and maybe you will become Krabathor's next drummer.

For Krabathor's anniversary release in 2004, the band plays with the ideas of releasing a special edition filled with stuff like: Old demo's, live songs, a few new songs and a few videoclips! Krabathor is working with the label on these ideas but I trust it will be a nice thing to add to your Krabathor or death metal collection!

Soon you will be able to find some lyrics from Krabathor releases on this website, check back regular for that!

Update of October 30st. 2003:

A little bad news around Krabathor. Their drummer has left the band! But Paul and Christopher are determined to find a good replacement for him.
The band would be interested in taking auditions from drummers living in the USA. If you feel that you have what it takes then contact Christopher through e-mail: Christopher or contact him untill spring 2004 through phone number: 602-787-5881.

2004 will be Krabathor's 20th anniversary. The band would like to celebrate this with a special release. Plans are being made, but no details are known untill this point. Stay tuned to this website for more information about this!

Update of July 18th. 2003:

The german 'zine Noize Magazine published a review of KRABATHOR's latest release. Click here to read it!

Update of June 26st. 2003:

Scrolls of Steel webzine have reviewed the latest Krabathor release. Click here to read it. To bad though that they think Krabathor is from Sweden...

Eren, a big fan from Turkey sent me some pictures of his meeting with Krabathor in the Czech Republic. Below you can see the results!

Update of May 10th. 2003:

Krabathor's biography has been updated today, as well as the link section.

Update of April 1st. 2003:

An Italian Festival show has been added to the "Tourdates" section! Go check it out!

Update of March 13th. 2003:

Yes, the new Krabathor should be released now and i hope all you maniacs have had the pleasur to listen to it now!!! Tell us what you think, mail us!
We also added some new groupshots in the "Visuals" section. They are taken for the promotion of Dissuade Truth. Hope you will enjoy them!

Update of Februari 23rd. 2003:

Yes!! As you can see, the Krabathor has had a little make-over. All this is to celebrate the upcoming release of Krabathor's new masterpiece: "Dissuade Truth". I have had the pleasure to already hear it and I must say. It is back to the underground and back to the old school! Amazing! Fans who want to see it, here is a preview of the cd cover with backside, so with songtitles!

Ofcourse the most important news will be the release date! Wich will be on March 10th 2003. Ask your local recordstore for reservations!

Update of November 6th 2002:

Christopher from KRABATHOR send me a message to tell all fans that KRABATHOR's new cd: "DISSUADE TRUTH" will be released in Februari 2003. News about songtitles and the cover-design will follow as soon as I get it from the band.

Also the KRABATHOR's agency for their management and booking has changed.
See the Management section for the details!

Rumours about Paul Speckmann having left KRABATHOR are fals, he is still in the band!!! Remember, if it is not posted here then you can consider it a rumour!!